Villa Salvia


About Villa Salvia

Barat 36
52463 Višnjan

Villa Salvia is the only villa in Barat that owns an outdoor hot tub. Due to the mild Mediterranean and Continental climate of Istria, the hot tub can be used trough all seasons. This is one of the main reasons why this villa is very popular during the entire year, especially in colder periods.

Villa is furnished with designer rustic furniture. The kitchen is fully equipped and connected with the dining room, designed for eight persons. Dining room has an exit to the roofed terrace in the backyard. From the living room is an exit to another terrace with garden table and chairs.

The bedrooms have metal double beds and white wardrobes with vanity tables and a chair. The bedroom on the ground floor has an exit to the terrace and the yard and views on the yard and the settlement. This room has an integrated bathroom with a bath tub. Two bedrooms on the upper floor share a balcony and a bathroom with a bath tub, located next to the rooms. The balcony views on the settlement and the hot tub. The third bedroom has its own balcony looking on the settlement and the yard. This room has an integrated bathroom with a shower.

Interesting facts


Sage belongs to the family of labiates, named after the unusual form of the flower petals, which are connected into two so-called labia. The upper labium of the sage flower is coherent and bended, while the lower labium is separated into three parts. There are as much as approx. 900 different sorts of sage with flowers of different colors assembled into blossoms. The most famous sort is the medicinal or aromatic sage, native to the Mediterranean region. The name Salvia originates from the Latin word 'salvare' – to save, because the medicinal properties of sage have been known for a very long time.

WHY THE VILLA IS SPECIAL: When for whatsoever reasons guests do not wish a house with a pool, but still like to have the possibility to refresh at hot summer days, a house with an outdoor hot tub is an optimal solution.



  • In the village
  • Quiet
  • In a settlement with other villas


Area of the garden 538,00 m²
Size of the villa 157,21 m²
Parking 2, pergola- roofed
Outdoor hot tub Yes, for 5 persons
Hot tub shape Rectangular
Roofed terrace Yes
Terrace with pergola Yes


Kitchen (fully equipped) Yes
Dining room Yes, for 8 persons
Living room with fireplace Yes, for 8 persons
Additional bed Upon request
Restroom 1
Bedroom 4
Sleeps in bedroom 2
Bathroom (shower) 1
Bathroom (bathtub) 2


Location Equipment Terrace Bathroom View
Ground floor Double bed Terrace Integrated On yard and settlement
1st floor Double bed Balcony Next to the room On settlement and hot tub
1st floor Double bed Balcony Next to the room On settlement and hot tub
1st floor Double bed Balcony Integrated On yard and settlement

Other features

  • All rooms are air-conditioned
  • All rooms are heated
  • In-floor heating
  • Security alarm system
  • Integrated safe
  • Cleaning and washing set
  • Vacuum cleaner and broom
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hair dryer
  • Dishwasher and washing machine
  • Plasma TV, DVD, Internet
  • Shower towels (small and bath towels)
  • Garden table and chairs
  • Loungers and sunshade
  • Barbecue
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Bed linen
  • Microwave and toaster
  • Coffee machine and water kettle
  • Children's playground

Pricelist in € for 2021, min stay 3 days

Period Daily rent: 1-3 days (brutto) Daily rent: 4-6 days (brutto) Weekly rent (brutto)
01.01. - 05.01. 317.52 249.48 1587.60
05.01. - 09.04. 211.68 166.32 1058.40
10.04. - 02.05. 317.52 249.48 1587.60
03.05. - 28.05. 211.68 166.32 1058.40
29.05. - 25.06. 211.68 166.32 1058.40
26.06. - 09.07. 0.00 0.00 1176.00
10.07. - 13.08. 0.00 0.00 1764.00
14.08. - 20.08. 0.00 0.00 1587.60
21.08. - 27.08. 0.00 0.00 1176.00
28.08. - 10.09. 211.68 166.32 1058.40
13.09. - 28.10. 211.68 166.32 1058.40
29.10. - 01.11. 235.20 184.80 1176.00
02.11. - 29.12. 211.68 166.32 1058.40
30.12. - 31.12. 317.00 249.00 1587.00