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Villas Istarski dvori - „holiday houses“ with 4 star ratings were built in Istrian style with traditional stone and wooden beams. They are located in the heart of Istria, near well-known settlemets: Višnjan, Sveti Lovreč and Tinjan.
Depending on location in which they are located, the capacity, privacy and other features, we divided Villas into several categories and subcategories that You can see below. Below You can also see:


If You are looking for vacation with your family we recommend our FAMILY VILLAS Barat and Heraki. Both settlements consist of 12 villas, each with private garden enclosed by a stone fence, swimming pool or outdoor hot tub. For Your children, in settlement Barat, we have prepared children's playground with various features. Each Family villa is unique and it's warm atmosphere provides you a feeling like you're at home. Villas have 3-4 sleeping rooms and 3-4 bathrooms.



If You are looking for an escape from the city bustle, our PRIVATE VILLAS provide You a perfect shelter. They are settled amongst authentical, Croatian rural areas and offer beautiful landscape views. Enjoy during the day by the pool and have fun in the city during the night. Private villas are located near center of Sveti Lovreč, and some of them are only 500 meters away. Villas have 3-4 sleeping rooms and 2-4 bathrooms.



For those who are seeking for an escape from everyday life to oasis of peace, we have prepared PRIVATE HOMES and PRIVATE HOMES PREMIUM, settled in peaceful and separated locations nearby olive groves and meadows. This type of villas are larger than Private Villas and Family Villas. They are situated on a spacious lands (1000 m2 - 1700 m2) and have notably larger interior (floor area 250 m2) that enables more space and enhances the comfort of your vacation.


Pets are welcome to villas Istarski dvori. If You travel with pets we have prepared several villas:
FAMILY VILLAS:   Anthyllis,, Cardaria, Camelina, Campanula, Avena, Salvia, Alchemilla, Falcaria
PRIVATE VILLAS: Melissa, Lathyrus, ChondrillaPrunellaLunaria, Helianthus, Legousia,RobiniaValeriana,
PRIVATE HOME:  Malva Santolina, Stellaria,
Pet Policy
Villas are furnished with rustic designed furniture. High ceilings are decorated with wooden beams, in each living room is an open fireplace and the modern appliances are harmoniously incorporated into rustic ambience. The interior of each villa consists of a living area (living room, kithen, dining room), bedrooms and bathrooms.
Each garden has private swimming pool, outdoor hot tub (Salvia and Lathraea) or both (Anthemis). By the pool / hot tub is paved sun terrace with loungers and soft cushions, sunshade and coctail table. Each villa has terrace furnished with elegant garden furniture and a portable or a stone fireplace intended for complete entertainment during your stay.


Once you have chosen the perfect villa, your holiday begins with registration at our reception in Sveti Lovreč, in a villa named Villa Myrtus, were our always smiling staff will welcome You. At reception You will also be able to buy authentic Istrian souvenirs and take brochures and flyers that we have prepared for You to make your holiday more beautiful. After application, our staff will accompany you to Your villa and the fun can begin!


Istarski dvori Ltd. Reception:
Adress: Sv. Antona 22, Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički
Check in: 4 PM – 8 PM
Check out: 8 AM – 10 AM
*Please contact our recepcionist  half an hour before Your arrival on our reception on Mobile phone: +385 (0)99 2449 660 (call or sms)
Safety deposit: 400€ will be charged on the day of arrival.
For your pleasant journey through Istria, you have at your disposition the Istrian motorway (at some parts semi-motorway), known under name Istrian Y which leads you to the southeast parts of the peninsula and also to the places situated in central Istria. 


If you are arriving to Istria from the western direction- Slovenia, you will cross the border on one of the three road border crossings: Plovanija-Sečovlje, Kaštel-Dragonja or Požane-Sočerga. When arriving from this direction or Airport Pula we recommend to drive along the „Istrian Y” until the exit 6, the traffic knot of Medaki. After leaving the „Istrian Y” turn right and follow direction of Sveti Lovreč. When you arrive in the village of Sveti Lovreč turn sharply to the right into the street „Istarska ulica”. 


Arriving to „Istrian Y” from the eastern direction, using the Croatian highways from Zagreb or Split to Rijeka, after crossing the Učka tunnel, you will quickly reach your final destination. We recommend you to drive along the „Istrian Y” trough Pazin and to follow direction Pazin-zapad/Poreč and leave the motorway on exit Pula/Sveti Lovreč on the traffic knot of Baderna. When you have left the „Istrian Y” turn right. When you arrive in the village of Sveti Lovreč turn left into the street „Istarska ulica”. 


While you are driving trough the village, on your left side you will see a square with parking area, Post office, market Plus and you will pass by the Caffe bar Morositas. On the way you will pass by the road signs „Lakovići” and „Orbani” which you should fallow and make a turn on the left. Then drive along the asphalted road and make a turn on the right at the intersection located next to the bell tower. Follow the main road and on your right side you should see a settlement with stone villas and a sign Reception Istarski dvori.
To make, that Your stay in villas of Istarski dvori meets your expectations and to make Your vacation every year better and more interesting, takes care the Team of Istarski dvori:

Iva Sivrić  (marketing and sales assistant manager)
Marija Muzika  (main housekeeper)
Janko Budmir  (main janitor)

Sincerely your's, 

Istarski dvori