Luxury villas for unique and unforgettable holiday experience!

The heaven of the Mediterranean coast with its wonderful untouched nature, the Croatian peninsula Istria, is renowned as the perfect choice for all guests seeking a peaceful and comfortable accommodation during their holiday.

Because our 67 villas were built in an authentic Istrian style in top locations of the hinterlands of Istria, surrounded by a clean and unmatchable beauty of Mediterranean nature, you will be able to experience the traditional Istrian way of living. 

You do not have to look far for tradition, it can be found at every step. Each stone, vineyard or olive orchard in Istria tells a story from the long history. On the one hand, the 2000-years long Istrian history of wine and olive oil production provides a wide range of top quality traditional specialties, but on the other hand it also teaches us how to live in a more healthy and peaceful way, in harmony with the nature. 

Similar to the Roman emperors, who appreciated the fresh air and the delicious specialties in the past, our guests today can also delight in the products given by the fertile Istrian soil and formed by diligent Istrian hands, and dive or sail in the crystal clear blue Adriatic sea, because the beautiful coastline with its extraordinary bays and popular tourist towns Poreč and Rovinj is only a ten minutes drive away from our villas.

We have recognized all the beauties of Istria. Can you? 

We invite you to spend your vacation in one of our villas. We are sure that on the following pages you will find one that perfectly suits your needs. 

And remember, with us you will have a unique experience for all your senses!

Sincerely working for you,
Istarski dvori 

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